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The Era of Wi-Fi Adapters is OVER!

Wi-Fi is everywhere. It’s in the mission-critical technologies that power businesses of every shape and size. It’s in the life-sustaining medical devices we rely on for health and wellness.

It keeps us connected when we need to communicate and it gives us an escape when we need to isolate. If your business relies on Wi-Fi, you need the measurement accuracy of the Ekahau Sidekick to help you troubleshoot and optimize your wireless network.

If you’re still stuck on Wi-Fi adapters and dongles, you’re likely wasting time, money, and risking your reputation!

The era of using USB adapters as site survey and troubleshooting tools is over. These cheap consumer devices were repurposed by Wi-Fi professionals to be more mobile. It turns out, unsurprisingly, that they are poor measurement tools with a wide variance that puts your network and reputation at risk.

When designing a wireless network, it is critical to use the right tools to ensure accurate measurements. USB adapters show large variances, which can lead to the false identification of gaps in network coverage and the installation of the wrong number of APs, all of which cause problems with interference and network performance.

The Ekahau Sidekick is the premier Wi-Fi measurement device, providing highly accurate data for Wi-Fi surveys. The advanced precision of the Sidekick mitigates risk by producing a narrow variation in measurements versus the wide variation of a dongle.

Let’s see how they compare:

Still not convinced that the Ekahau Sidekick is right for you? Book a demo with our team! or get in touch with us at


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