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Ekahau Sidekick 2-Minute Overview

When Wi-Fi is down, work stops. The ability to optimize and troubleshoot your network for performance is essential. If your business needs high performing reliable Wi-Fi, you need the accurate measurement of your Sidekick. The precision of the Sidekick assures your network is set up right the first time and makes it easy to identify common wireless interferers saving you time and money.

Two enterprise-grade wi-fi radios, a high-resolution dual-band spectrum analyzer, and 7 omnidirectional antennas strategically placed for 360º coverage combine to deliver the most advanced, all-in-one measurement device on the market.

Without accurate data, you’re putting your network and your reputation at risk. The Sidekick gives you the power to diagnose network issues faster, more accurately and on the go. With all-day battery life and weighing in at just over 2 lbs, the Sidekick redefines surveys. Just connect to your tablet or phone for a mobile surveying or troubleshooting solution that delivers up to 2 times faster surveys and up to 10 times faster spectrum analysis. Analysis so fast that you can catch and fix channel hopping interference that other devices miss.

Just sling the Sidekick over your shoulder and enjoy a hands-free operation that never gets in the way of maneuverability or safety. And at up to 25 sweeps per second, your Sidekick is designed to keep up with your pace - lasting all day on a single charge.

Validate your designs to ensure you always have the right number of APs in the right locations, analyze both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interferences, conduct packet captures and collaborate with your team through the Cloud all with Ekahau Connect.

Every leading AP manufacturer uses Ekahau as their tool of choice and the world's biggest brands and events trust Ekahau for their wireless networks. When accuracy, speed and reliability matter for your Wi-Fi, you need a Sidekick you can depend on.

For more information and pricing, please contact us at or purchase through our store here; Ekahau Sidekick


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