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Professional Wi-Fi services that deliver optimum performance.

Expert white-labeled professional services to meet all wireless requirements. Trust your Asia-Pacific survey requirements to us!

Specialists in Wi-Fi Surveys

If your organization lacks the necessary time, tools, or local engineering resources to plan, validate, or resolve issues with your wireless networks, don't worry - we can assist.


Your Wi-Fi Shop provides certified engineering resources throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacfic region to meet all your Wi-Fi requirements.


With 300+ survey projects completed to date, we know what we are doing!

We are capable of supporting you at every stage of your wireless deployment cycle, from the initial predictive design to on-site pre/post-deployment validation surveys, troubleshooting, and analysis.

What is a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

A wireless site survey is a process of surveying an area where you intend or have a wireless network. The results of a site survey would be used to better understand where Wi-Fi signals are at their strongest/weakest, where access points are or should be and identifying potential causes of issues on your wireless network.

There are different types of Wi-Fi site surveys, but the general factors considered in each survey include the premises size, areas where Wi-Fi connectivity is required, the number of devices accessing the network (capacity), any existing wireless infrastructure, interference, and the construction of the building.

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Why it is important?

When it comes to planning, deploying, and maintaining a reliable and high-performing wireless network, a Wi-Fi site survey is a crucial step.


It's like the old saying goes, "measure twice, cut once" - before building a home or a wireless network, it's important to understand the underlying conditions and have a detailed plan in place.

Just like you wouldn't construct a house without assessing the quality of the foundation and planning out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required, you shouldn't deploy a wireless network without a site survey.

By conducting a site survey, you can make informed decisions about deploying, upgrading, or making changes to your network. This will help you save time and money while ensuring a quality user experience.

Types of Wi-Fi Site Survey

01 / Predictive Wireless Site Survey

We conduct a virtual survey that utilizes accurate building plans to evaluate the specific Wi-Fi needs of your organisation.


Working with scaled drawings of your location, we utilize the top Wi-Fi survey software in the industry to construct a virtual model of your environment, considering factors such as floor and wall materials and your unique network requirements, including device, capacity, and application usage.


This enables us to determine the appropriate number of access points needed and their optimal placement.


This survey method offers a fast and cost-effective estimate of your site's requirements, with minimal disruption to your operations.

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02 / Pre-deployment Onsite Survey

While the predictive wireless survey model is useful in estimating a site's wireless requirements, it may not give a complete overview of the environment.


To address this limitation, a pre-deployment onsite survey called an APOS (AP on a stick) survey can be conducted.


This survey method allows for a comprehensive evaluation of factors such as mounting restrictions, cabling paths, and potential interference sources that need to be considered and addressed before deploying your wireless network.


Although the APOS survey is the most precise method of wireless design, it can be time-consuming depending on the complexity of the survey environment and requirements.

03 / Wi-Fi Validation & Troubleshooting Survey

Conducting a validation survey, you can proactively ensure that your Wi-Fi network is functioning correctly and identify potential issues before they disrupt your business operations.

Our experienced engineers will visit your site and perform a thorough walk-through, using active, passive, and spectrum readings to assess the wireless environment.

After the survey, we will provide you with a detailed visual report that includes:

  • Assumptions, recommendations, and next steps

  • An exact bill of materials for your wireless network

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current wireless performance

  • Identification of network capacity limitations and potential issues

  • Graphical heat maps of wireless coverage

  • Spectrum analysis of "invisible" network disruptors, such as microwaves, IP cameras, and Bluetooth devices

  • Identification of wireless dead spots and rogue access points

And much more. This report will give you a clear understanding of the health of your Wi-Fi network and help you take proactive steps to ensure reliable and uninterrupted connectivity.

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