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Professional Wi-Fi services that deliver optimum performance.

Whether it’s high-density, indoor, outdoor, temporary or complex, our experts deliver a range of services to suit every wireless need.

Specialists in Wi-Fi Surveys

For organisations who don't have the time, tools or internal resources to design, validate or troubleshooting their wireless networks, we're here to help!

Your Wi-Fi Shop have certified engineering resources available to assist with all your Wi-Fi needs across the APAC region.

We can support you through every aspect of a wireless deployment lifecycle, from the initial predictive design, through to onsite pre/post-deployment validation surveys, troubleshooting and analysis.

What is a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

A wireless site survey is a process of surveying an area where you intend or have a wireless network. The results of a site survey would be used to better understand where Wi-Fi signals are at their strongest/weakest, where access points are or should be and identifying potential causes of issues on your wireless network.

There are different types of Wi-Fi site surveys, but the general factors considered in each survey include the premises size, areas where Wi-Fi connectivity is required, the number of devices accessing the network (capacity), any existing wireless infrastructure, interference, and the construction of the building.

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Why it is important?

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A Wi-Fi site survey is a crucial part of planning, deploying and maintaining a reliable, high-performing wireless network. 


Think of the saying, "measure twice, cut once", the same principle applies to building a home as much as it does a wireless network. 

You wouldn't build a home without first understanding the quality of the foundations it was being built on, and you certainly wouldn't do it without a detailed plan of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car parks required - Again, the same applies for a wireless network.

A WiFi site survey provides a detailed analysis of the current or expected wireless performance specific to your organisation's needs, requirements and physical environment.

This allows you to make fully informed decisions before deploying, upgrading or making changes to your network, saving time, money and ensuring a quality user experience.

Types of Wi-Fi Site Survey

01 / Predictive Wireless Site Survey

This survey is carried out virtually and relies on high-quality building plans, which enable us to assess your requirements.


Working with scaled drawings of your site, we’ll use industry-leading Wi-Fi survey software to build up a virtual model of your environment, taking into account floor and wall materials, along with your specific network requirements including device, capacity and application usage to determine the number and optimal location of access points required.

This survey type provides a quick and cost-effective estimate of your site requirements and causes minimal disruption to your business.

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3m APOS Image - 3.jpg

02 / Pre-deployment Onsite Survey

Though the predictive wireless survey model can give a reliable estimate of your site’s wireless requirements, it does not always provide a full picture of the environment.


A pre-deployment onsite survey involves one of our team visiting your site to conduct what is known as an APOS (AP on a stick) survey.


This method provides full visibility of factors such as mounting restrictions, cabling paths and any existing interference sources which may need to be accounted for and investigated prior to the deployment of your wireless network. 

This is the most accurate method of wireless design however it can also be the most time consuming depending on the requirement and environment being surveyed. 

03 / WiFi Health Check Survey

A health check survey is a proactive way of ensuring that your Wi-Fi network is working as expected allows us to identify potential issues prior to them being a problem and impacting business continuity.

Health check surveys require one of our engineers to attend your site and perform a walk through while taking active, passive and spectrum readings of the wireless environment.

Following a health check survey, we will be able to provide you with an detailed visual representation of the quality of your Wi-Fi network which could include the following elements;

  • Detailed assumptions, recommendations and next steps

  • Exact bill of materials of your wireless network

  • Determine current wireless performance

  • Determine network capacity limitations and potential issues

  • Graphical heat maps of wireless coverage

  • Diagrams of access point placement

  • Spectrum analysis of "invisible" network problem causers such as; microwaves, IP cameras, bluetooth devices etc. 

  • Wireless dead spots

  • Rouge access point detection

  • Plus much more...

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