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The industry software standard behind over 100,000 cellular & Wi-fi Networks worldwide
A single solution to streamline the design of all your indoor wireless network projects.
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iBwave Overview Video
Accelerate productivity
iBwave Wi-Fi® eliminates many of the design process inefficiencies that exist today so you can recognize revenues sooner, grow your project pipeline faster and your customer saves time and money.
  • Active Surveys with an integrated server.
  • A Complete Bill of Materials
  • Auto-AP Placement and Auto-Channel Assignment
  • Smart Antenna Contouring
  • Automatic Cable Routing Alignment
  • Cloud-connectivity to easily share files
  • Multi-adapter Passive Survey

Collaborate more easily via the cloud

iBwave Wi-Fi® provides you with a cloud-connected solution that makes it easy for teams and customers to share files and work together.
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Seamless connectivity with iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile
  • Share projects with your customers with iBwave Viewer.

Design detailed networks in advanced 3D with prediction

With the ability to model your venues in 3D and a large database of all Wi-Fi network components, you can impress your customer with a 3D visual of what the network will look like in their venue, and how well it will perform.
  • Components Database of accurately modeled vendor network components.
  • Advanced 3D Modeling
  • View prediction and design details in 3D.
  • Adjust 3D view layers.

Resources worth your while

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Looking for the nitty-gritty details?

Download the product guides & datasheets!

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Case studies and whitepapers on iBwave's powerful Wi-Fi solutions can be found here!

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Check out the iBwave Wi-Fi v8.1 on-demand video demonstration today!


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