Understand and fix WiFi problems when they happen with professional desktop and mobile software and hardware

Gear up so you can troubleshoot WiFi problems when they happen with professional desktop and mobile software and hardware. Dive deep into spectrum analysis and interference with Chanalyzer, filter packet traffic with Eye P.A., and monitor it all from your mobile device with Wi-Spy Air.

Wi-Spy Air & Air Viewer

Mobile WiFi Scanner and Spectrum Analyzer Wi-Spy Air hardware connects to your iOS or Android device and provides the Air Viewer application with WiFi and spectrum data galore. Wi-Spy Air + Air Viewer is the fast, portable and accurate way to validate and troubleshoot your wireless environment.

Chanalyzer Essential

MetaGeek's Chanalyzer Essential bundle is designed for professionals who deploy and maintain enterprise-grade WiFi networks in complex business and educational environments. Utilizing the industry standard Wi-Spy DBx dual-band spectrum analyzer, Chanalyzer Essential helps identify and eliminate wireless interference, measure channel utilization and saturation, and build easy-to-understand reports.

MetaGeek Complete Bundle

When managing or deploying a complex WiFi network, problems with interference, congestion, coverage, and poorly configured devices are almost guaranteed. That’s why we built MetaGeek Complete. By combining MetaGeek spectrum analysis and packet analysis solutions into a single bundle, network managers can quickly identify and resolve the most complex WiFi problems. Because your business can’t afford bad WiFi.

Eye P.A. Essential

For managers of complex networks, airtime is at a premium. With so many devices communicating at once, even the best-deployed enterprise networks will experience problems that can only be identified through careful packet analysis. Eye P.A. captures packets with only a standard WiFi USB adapter, and its visual packet analysis engine provides rapid recommendations to solve challenging WiFi problems. Don’t waste your time sifting through thousands of packets, line by line. Lean on Eye P.A. to identify problems and recommend solutions in just a few minutes, so you can get back to doing everything else.

inSSIDer Essential

InSSIDer Office sheds light on common WiFi problems like interference from other networks, channel placement, and signal strength issues, and provides the insights you need to maintain a reliable WiFi network. The addition of Wi-Spy DBx adds spectrum analysis to the package so you can see non-WiFi interference as well. inSSIDer Office and Wi-Spy together give you a full picture of your WiFi environment.

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