Ekahau Training & Certifications

Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer (ECSE) - Wi-Fi Design

This 4-day course consists of lectures and labs taught by Wi-Fi experts, now accessible from your remote office. Learn how to design, optimize, and troubleshoot better Wi-Fi using Ekahau products.

Dive into all aspects of Wi-Fi life-cycle management including:

  • RF fundamentals

  • Predictive designs

  • Spectrum analysis

  • And much more!


Course specifics:

  • Designed for Wi-Fi systems engineers, IT administrators, and other wireless professionals

  • Maximum of 12 people per class for a more interactive experience

  • Receive a highly regarded ECSE Design certification upon passing the certification exam

  • Qualifies for 26 BICSI CECs 

  • Four-day format: 9:00-12:30, 1 hour lunch break, 13:30-17:00 

  • Training offered in English

  • Scheduled to fit the APAC time zone


Technical requirements: During the course, students receive a temporary license to run Ekahau Pro on their laptop.

  • Students will need admin rights on their local machine to install Pro.

  • It is strongly recommended to have a physical mouse for use in class.

Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer (ECSE) Troubleshooting

This 4-day course consists of classroom lectures and hands-on labs taught by Wi-Fi experts. 
Review potential Wireless LAN issues as well as standard network troubleshooting processes using various tools and techniques to identify issues.
  • Set a baseline of knowledge and shared vocabulary, covering fundamentals of RF, 802.11 and how Wi-Fi works from a Wi-Fi client device perspective

  • Work through 6 standard network troubleshooting processes using various tools and techniques at each stage to identify issues including: Investigate, Measure, Validate, Analyze, Interrogate, and Manage

  • Hands-on labs using free tools, low-cost tools and professional tools

  • And much more!

Course specifics:
  • No prerequisites, but CWNA is recommended. A firm grasp of OSI model, network protocols and network traffic flows is expected.

  • Maximum of 12 people per class

  • Receive an exclusive ECSE Troubleshooting certification after passing a certification exam

  • Qualifies for 6 BICSI CECs (OV-EKAH-VA-0719-1)

Quick Start On-Demand Video

You will receive 3 1/2 hours of online training separated into easy-to-digest modules.

Once purchased, you are free to use it as you see fit. You may view it as many times as you would like. Topics covered include:

  • Importing Maps and Drawing Walls

  • Importing Maps: CAD Files

  • Calibrating Walls and Attenuation Areas

  • Defining Coverage Requirements

  • Creating Requirement Areas

  • Designing to Meet Requirements

  • Planning Network Capacity

  • Planning on Mulitple Floors

  • Setting Up Survey Hardware

  • Performing Surveys

  • Viewing Collected Survey Data

  • Offsetting Signal Strength

  • Performing Live Spectrum Analysis

  • Finding Interfering Devices on the Map


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