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No two business are the same. The goals of every organization are unique and we get it.

That’s why we partner with AiRISTA Flow to offer customizable tracking, temperature monitoring, safety solutions and more for an array of RTLS

(Real-Time Location Systems) applications.


Actionable Insights

- Process flow optimization across departments

- Utilisation efficiency for capital intensive assets

- Responsive coordination to staff duress


Enterprise Solutions

- End-to-end solution control from sensor to the cloud

- Enterprise scale to deliver insight across organizations

-Integrate with an IoT world of things and applications


Trusted RTLS Experts

-Drive business value from RTLS investments

-Measurable outcomes through KPIs, ROI, MBOs


AiRISTA Flow Healthcare.png
  • The world’s leading 2-way communicating STAFF SAFETY solution

  • A hospital ASSET TRACKING solution for efficient use of medical equipment.

  • A real-time view of patients and staff for FLOW MANAGEMENT

  • TEMPERATURE MONITORING system for sensitive stored contents.

  • A method of maintaining HYGIENE and staying compliant.

  • A patient ELOPEMENT PREVENTION solution.

  • The Unified Vision Solution platforms (UVS) for both on-premises and cloud deployment.

Personal Safety

  • Protect vulnerable staff from attacks with 2-way communicating tags

  • Detect man-down situations for workers in dangerous areas

  • Directed response with escalations, mustering rules, and integration with cameras and locks

Asset Tracking

  • Reduce search time for equipment and WIP required to maintain operations

  • Increase asset utilization and reduce unnecessary over-procurement

  • Real time view of inventory and maintain PAR level protocols

Condition Monitoring

  • Replace paper-based systems with automated wireless temperature monitoring.

  • Reduce waste and spoilage with temperature alerts and ensure FIFO policy

  • Alert when equipment moves or experiences a shock or jolt

Process & Workflow Management

  • Monitor the movement of people and patients in real-time and alert to bottlenecks

  • Historic analysis provides insights to better processes and increased efficiency

  • Replace manual tracking of production with wireless identification across production

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