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Ekahau Product News: Introducing Ekahau Private Cellular Planner

Check out the first look at a brand new category of product from Ekahau!

Ekahau's Private Cellular Planner is a dynamic web-based software that makes it faster and easier than ever to plan awesome private networks including Private 4G/5G, CBRS, Bluetooth and many other IoT networks.

Awesome Private Cellular is Now Easy

Input requirements, define coverage areas, and deploy with optimal antenna placements. Ekahau's new web-based Private Cellular Planner walks you through the necessary steps to designing a high-performing private cellular or IoT network.

Design with Powerful AI Tools

Automatic wall detection and AI-assisted planning take away the most tedious parts of designing a private cellular network. Simply upload your floorplan, review your AI-drawn wall placements, and start planning your network with AI-assisted radio placements.

Expand your Wireless World

Bring your expertise in Wi-Fi design to the emerging field of Private Cellular to plan private 5G, CBRS, and IoT wireless networks.

If you can design great Wi-Fi, you can design a great private network!

Ekahau Private Cellular Planner is coming soon: stay tuned for updates! And here’s the best news – all current Ekahau AI Pro customers with a Connect subscription (or new customers who sign on before December 31, 2022) will get Ekahau Private Cellular Planner for 12 months free!

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