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What's in the box: Metageek Wi-Spy Air

Today we took a look at what's included with Metageek's pocket-sized, Wi-Fi troubleshooting and spectrum analysis tool, Wi-Spy Air!

Quite possibly my personal favourite tools from the team at Metageek, Wi-Spy Air transforms your run of the mill Android or iOS device into a powerful, professional-grade wireless tester providing a fast, portable and accurate way to validate and troubleshoot Wi-Fi environments without the need to carry a laptop.

From the palm of your hand you're able to drill down into;

  • SSIDs

  • BSSIDs

  • Signal Strength

  • Data Rates

  • SNR

  • Spectrum Utilization

  • Roaming

  • Retry Rates

  • Security

  • Plus much more...

Wi-Spy Air gives you all the network data you'd expect from a beefy Wi-Fi scanner plus insights from connected client devices so you can confidently know that your network is good to go!

For more info or to purchase a Wi-Spy Air of your own, get in touch with us at


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