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3 Easy Steps to Great Wi-Fi Every Day
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From self-driving forklifts in warehouses to medication delivery service bots in hospitals to the fleet of laptops and phones deployed throughout your organization, business runs on Wi-Fi (and cables are just tripping hazards).

And yet, every day we see companies struggle with Wi-Fi networks that simply can’t keep up with the demands thrown at them. That’s where this guide comes in — to help demystify the invisible spectrum that Wi-Fi operates in and provide you with the knowledge you need to properly design and maintain great Wi-Fi.


Included in the Guide:

  • Breaking down the 6 key Wi-Fi design requirements for a successful deployment

  • Translating Wi-Fi requirements into Wi-Fi design software inputs

  • How to validate your design with real-world measurements (and how to measure wall attenuation with Sidekick)

  • Tips for recognizing the day-to-day changes that can impact your Wi-Fi signal over time

  • Identifying common RF interference

  • And a bonus worksheet with questions to ask when identifying network requirements

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