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For organisations who don't have the time, tools or internal resources to perform their own designs, validations or troubleshooting exercises, we're here to help!

Your Wi-Fi Shop are an Ekahau Gold Partner with certified engineering resources available to assist with all your Wi-Fi needs across the APAC region.

We can support you through every aspect of a wireless deployment lifecycle, from the initial predictive design, through to onsite pre/post-deployment validation surveys, troubleshooting and analysis.


We are your trusted one-stop shop for specialist Wi-Fi tools, services and training - We are Your Wi-Fi Shop!

Predictive Wireless Site Survey 

We understand that no two organisations are exactly the same, and with that, no two wireless deployments are the same. 

Leveraging the best survey software in the market today, we strive to deliver vendor independent, quality wireless designs to our customers specific to the environment and requirements. 


A Predictive Wireless Site Survey aims to determine both the number and optimal location of access points (AP’s) required to meet the specific Wi-Fi requirements of the customer site including characteristics such as; number and type of client devices, wall materials, floor materials, antenna direction, mounting and cable considerations, coverage areas as well as user and device capacity.

Validation & Troubleshooting Survey 

A validation survey is a proactive way of ensuring that your Wi-Fi network is working as expected and as required rather than having unforeseen issues and a potentially problematic experience in the future.

Validation surveys require one of our engineers to attend your site, walking through the organisations required wireless coverage areas whilst taking active, passive and spectrum readings of the wireless environment.

Following a validation survey, we will be able to provide you with a very accurate visual representation of the quality of your Wi-Fi network which could include the following elements;

  • Detailed assumptions, recommendations and next steps

  • Exact bill of materials of your wireless network

  • Determine current wireless performance

  • Determine network capacity limitations and potential issues

  • Graphical heat maps of wireless coverage

  • Diagrams of access point placement

  • Spectrum analysis of "invisible" network problem causers such as; microwaves, IP cameras, bluetooth devices etc. 

  • Wireless dead spots

  • Rouge access point detection

  • Plus much more...

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