Who is 7SIGNAL?

The 7SIGNAL platform helps engineers find and fix the “Top 7” Wi-Fi problems:

  1. Congestion

  2. Coverage

  3. Co-channel and radio interference

  4. Network services

  5. Roaming

  6. Adapters & drivers

  7. WLAN configuration

7SIGNAL Benefits:

#1 in the world for Wireless Network Monitoring

  • Solve the “Top 7” Wi-Fi challenges

  • Device and access point agnostic

  • 100% SaaS delivery

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of Wi-Fi performance from any browser

  • Modular deployment to fit needs Find and fix WLAN issues before users notice or complain

  • Track WLAN performance as the devices mix and usage evolves

  • Verify the true impact of WLAN configuration changes

  • Reduce the TCO of operating business-critical WLANs

  • Rapid SaaS deployment model

  • Vendor Independent

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