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Introducing a New Ekahau SaaS Survey-Only License!

Ekahau is all about great Wi-Fi, and great Wi-Fi starts with great data. Ekahau is making it easier and more cost-effective to get the measured data you need with a special SaaS license for data collection... Introducing Ekahau Measure!

Ekahau Measure Image

  • Purchase Measure licenses in 12-month increments.

  • No Sidekick, no worries... bundle it in with Measure Plus!

  • Get the data collection capabilities you need without overpaying for unused features.

  • Use measured data to make smart Wi-Fi optimizations faster and more frequently.

Ekahau Cog Wheel

Delegate Data Collection

The Measure license is a perfect complement to the full Ekahau AI Pro and Connect license. Network managers focus on data analysis,

delegating data collection to onsite staff.

Ekahau Time Icon

Reduce Travel and Time-to-Resolution

Local survey teams eliminate unnecessary travel and time for central network managers and expedite data collection in time-sensitive troubleshooting situations.

Ekahau Collaborate Icon

Divide and Conquer Large Surveys

With Measure licenses, IT teams can work together to shorten the time it takes to complete large, complex campuses, distribution centers, or multi-floor buildings.

Ekahau Measure Compare
What's right for your organisation?

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