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Experience the Power of Ekahau AI. Exclusive 30-Day Evaluation

Evaluate Powerful Wi-Fi planning and AI Design for the most reliable, best-performing wireless networks – Now including 6 GHz

Ekahau Evaluation Licence Image

Welcome to Ekahau’s Evaluation License Program!

This post is intended to step first-time users through the software registration process & what you can expect from Ekahau’s evaluation sandbox.

The license will allow users to:

  • Open any of the default installation project files which cover multiple verticals, software workflows & environments

  • Add, edit, or alter any of the existing installation projects

  • Allows full access to Ekahau’s 4,500+ database of APs & antennas

  • Full use of the Design, Inspect, or Survey workspaces

  • Run reports, either default or custom, on any of the aforementioned projects.

Stipulations for Ekahau’s Evaluation License Users:

  • The license length will be 30 days;

  • The license cannot be activated against an existing Connect-associated email address;

  • The license can only access the AI Pro application;

  • The license can only open default installer project files;

  • The license cannot import custom floor plans;

  • The license cannot connect to Sidekick hardware.

Getting Started:

  1. Follow the link below to complete your Evaluation Request. Once received, we will work with Ekahau to arrange the license key details.

  2. Download the latest version of AI Pro here

  3. After the license key has been provided, you can register your Ekahau Connect account here

  4. Once installation is complete you can launch AI Pro, and will need to enter your Ekahau Connect email address & password that you created earlier.


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