Ekahau Pro & Connect gets an Upgrade!

Have you heard the news? Ekahau 10.2.0 is out and there's a number of exciting changes and enhancements that have been made to both Pro and Connect which have made an already awesome product, even better! See Ekahau Release Notes

Ekahau Pro Updates

Custom Access Point Notes & Tags - Custom tags have been added into Ekahau Pro allowing you to add new free-form descriptors on APs to identify, categorise and report them better.

Check out a video demonstration from Ekahau's own @ekamikko here;

Multi-Band Requirements - You can now create requirements with different criteria for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. This allows you to give different grey-out values for different bands and help you define your network requirements with greater granularity than ever before.

View as a Mobile Device - A new offset called "View as Mobile Device". This new default offset is designed to offset RSSI values based on how a typical modern cell phone would view Wi-Fi signals

Sync with Cloud - Ekahau Pro now creates a distinction between Local, Cloud and Sidekick projects. This means, that a project saved/opened from Ekahau Cloud is treated as a Cloud project and will be saved to the Cloud when using the Save-button. No muss, no fuss

Ekahau Survey Updates

GPS Survey Integration - Performing outdoor surveys? No problem, Ekahau Connect now removes the need to continuously indicate location on a map with integration into Apple Maps on both iPad* & iPhone devices

Down-compensate Signal Strength - A heatmap that looks ok from Sidekick's point of view needs to be offset to ensure lower performing devices work too. Users will now be able to offset RSSI to view signal strength how typical client devices would see signal strength, rather than how Sidkick sees the RSSI readings.

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